How Do I Keep My Haircut Perfect For Longer


Short hair is synonymous with personality, a risky touch that confirms your power of decision. And precisely for that reason, because it is such a personal style, short hair is also currently one of the most in-demand looks. And so that you can always show it off in its maximum splendor, we bring you the essential tips to keep your haircut in perfect condition. Do not miss it!

To get first-hand advice from a very cosmopolitan stylist and hairdresser, we headed to the AGARD salon, located in Barcelona. There, we caught up on the best hairdressing techniques to obtain an alternative, but, above all, long-lasting haircut. These are the tips that Silvana Tovar has defined for us as essential to maintaining an ideal haircut. Keep reading!

As a rule, men tend to wear their hair short, but this does not mean they lack style or personality. And it is also possible to take risks to look at a new essence, getting the most out of our haircut. We leave you with some tips from Silvana so that you can achieve a perfect look:

2. Which trend cut should I choose?

In the same way that the seasons change and with them, the trends; We recommend that you vary when it comes to haircuts. Get update. Because changing your style is a way to refresh your mind, dare to try! Although, since we know that you want to look impeccable, you must pay attention to professionals like Silvana so that you make the right choice of style. As the stylist states, “The Pompadour style continues to be in trend, although with variations on the sides or adding more texture. ” In addition, she advises us to “ vary the level of the fade to high, medium or low according to the shape of the face.” of each one .”

3. Perfect haircut design

When you go to your hairdresser for inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask for advice and confirm which hairstyle might suit you best based on the shape of your face – a practice called visage. This can be a real advantage for you because even though it grows, you will get it to fit perfectly at all times, respecting the uniformity of your features. And to get an on-trend Pompadour style, here’s the right way to maintain it: ” It’s best to use the Power Cut on the top of your hair and then the Styling Cut .”in areas that are difficult to access or where greater precision is required, such as the neck or sides, to create uniformity. Both cutting machines are very precise, helping you define the lines, while also being very ergonomic and easy to use. They have become my favorite tools, by far. ”

4. How and when to touch up the cut

A perfect and precise haircut requires good maintenance. The basic rule for it to always look like the same day, according to Silvana, is to “touch it up approximately every 5 weeks before it loses its shape.”

5. An extra tip for a professional and unique look

Silvana advises us on how to get the most out of a Pompadour: “ We could blow-dry it with one of the Termix Evolution brushes, since, thanks to its unique composition of fibers, they manage to soften the hair and provide a very natural shine. A style with a lot of volume, which will require a brush that takes care of the health of your hair and a little fixing product. ”

6. How to keep short hair (women’s version)

You’ve been hesitating for days and now you’ve finally decided: you’re going to go for a radical haircut. A great decision and an empowering experience! Now you have to think about the best way to reinvent your hairstyle until it grows back… But how should I keep my short style in perfect condition? The first key, although it may seem very logical, is to decide on the perfect haircut. And so that you are perfectly aware, we bring you Silvana Tovar’s advice:

7. Which trend cut should I choose?

The first element to take into account is that the haircut adapts to your style and personality perfectly: you will have the first step ready to show off perfect hair. “ Whether it’s a pixie, short, shaggy, a short bob…, we must choose it according to the shape of our face. It is the most important thing, but we should not be afraid of change,” Silvana tells us.

8. Perfect haircut design

If you love your haircut, it will cost you little to keep it in perfect condition and restore that refreshing touch. “ In this case, we decided to project femininity through a very polished haircut, which accentuates the model’s features. We have used a Termix Evolution Basic brush to style the hair and achieve a natural feel full of shine and movement. ”

9. How and when to maintain the haircut

The moment that we all fear is those first weeks when the hair continues to grow again, and we are left without really knowing how to manage it, comb it, or give it back that stylized look that we got when we left the hairdresser. Following Silvana’s advice, you should not be scared or worried because: “ A haircut needs to be profiled every 6 or 8 weeks on average so that it does not lose its general shape and can look perfect for longer .”

10. An extra tip to achieve a professional and unique style

When you have short hair, there are few things you can do to camouflage its loss of natural shine or dehydration. So it becomes very important to keep your hair well hydrated, in any circumstance. “ In summer – warns Silvana – short hair tends to suffer from internal and external aggressions and it is therefore advisable to apply some specific treatments and products to keep it strong and healthy. ”

Furthermore, “ a keratin treatment always becomes a good solution, even if we decide to do it before summer, since it reduces the frizz effect, softens and straightens the hair, while giving it extra strength that protects the hair structure from agents that weaken it such as sand, sun or salt, in those 3 summer months .”

And the alternative, if you do not want to opt for long-term treatments such as keratin, would be to use “ sun products that continue to protect the hair from external aggressions, such as essential oils, or UV protection products that provide deep hydration ”.


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