10 Tips For Cutting Your Hair Yourself, like A Grown-up


With the right tools and using the right technique, you can cut your hair and achieve a quick and elegant cut. So if you want to change your face at will without going to the hairdresser, the following tips are for you!

1. The right tools before you start

To successfully cut, the first thing you need is a suitable pair of scissors. In the absence of professional tools (which are relatively expensive), opt for hairdressing scissors and test their precision on a small strand. Aside from scissors, you will need:
– A straight comb,
– A bristle brush,
– A scrunchie and elastics.

And that’s all!

2. We choose an appropriate cut… and not too complex!

Before taking action, choose the cut you like and make sure it suits your face shape.

For a first attempt at home, it is best to avoid radically changing your haircut, such as going from long hair to short hair or going for an ultra-sophisticated layered look. Instead, prefer a simple cut that shortens and maintains your current cut well and will give it maximum pep!

3. We take our time!

It’s true, it’s better to go in stages, even if it means doing it several times to achieve the desired length and effect. No precipitation!

Once you have chosen your cut, stay calm. If you take it slowly, by following the little tips in this article, there is no reason for you to go wrong!

4. Detangle your hair well

Before using the first scissors, make sure your hair is well-detangled. It seems obvious but it is an essential step to visualize the length of your hair. Instead, use a bristle brush to detangle well and a simple straight comb to define the part. Ideally, equip yourself with 2 mirrors so that you can see the results behind your back!

5. Dry or wet hair?

This is THE big question everyone is asking!
We generally prefer that the hair is dry when cutting for the simple reason that the result is immediate, with no unpleasant surprises when drying. This is particularly essential when cutting your bangs and for anyone who has very curly or frizzy hair.
But it’s also true that the slightest misstep on dry hair can be seen straight away…
Whereas on wet hair, the misstep can be made up for a little more… But you have to take into account that once dried, the hair will rise! All the more reason to follow tip number 3 carefully and not put too much pressure on yourself!

6. The straight cut, is ideal for beginners

Cutting your hair to get a straight cut is child’s play!
To begin, release all of your hair straight back, evenly.
Then, with a large scrunchie or elastic, make a ponytail.

Slide the elastic to the tip of the hair and cut at the edge, and that’s it!

7. How to cut your ends?

Depending on whether you have straight or frizzy hair, the ends are not managed in the same way.
– You have rather straight hair: Start by parting in the middle to separate the hair globe into two hemispheres. Pull the hair over your shoulder and tie it symmetrically with an elastic band. Then cut the hair below the elastic.
– You have frizzy hair: instead of tying up each part, simply grab a section of hair, slide your fingers to the end, and cut the split ends.

8. What about the bangs then?

Do you want to shorten your bangs? Nothing too complicated, here are two simple techniques to improve your skills:
– For straight bangs: brush your hair and make a part in the middle which will allow you to separate your bangs. Smooth your strands well, then put a comb at the height of the bangs you want and cut the hair that extends from the bottom.
– For side bangs: use your comb to separate the part of your bangs that you want to cut. Then smooth the strand with your fingers and, in front of your eyes, cut it straight to the length you want.

Then, grab that same strand and hold it straight with your fingers above your forehead. Then, proceed to “staking” by cutting the tips of your bit in small steps.

There you have it, you have created your first fringe on the side, with a tapered effect as a bonus!

9. The famous long hair gradient

Here is a slightly more complicated technique to perform. Some very picky hairdressers recommend going to a professional for this. But if we start from the fact that perfection is not the goal here, then it is entirely possible to cut your hair yourself to create a gradient!
To do this, start by making a horizontal part going from one ear to the other and attach the two parts of the hair.
All you have to do is cut at the edge (or not) of the elastic to the length that suits you!
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10. Haircut maintenance

We are all different when it comes to regrowing our hair, so to maintain a top hairstyle, without spending time at the hairdresser, it is better to maintain your cut regularly. So we don’t hesitate to readjust the length of the ends of our square haircut ourselves, for example, or touch up the gradient of our mane! And then, now that you have all the tips to enhance your haircut, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them!
Whether it’s a question of cost or lack of time, or simply to have a cut that suits you, there’s nothing like knowing the basics for cutting your hair. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to get started, don’t worry! Ask a friend for help, the result will be even more precise and it will give you confidence for the next time!


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