10 Hairstyle Tips To Adopt To Look At Least 5 Years Younger


Always opt for a hairstyle that is easy to wear and adapts to the shape of your face. This will allow you to have a more distinguished style and above all, to gain a few years. Here are 10 tips to adopt if you want to appear younger and still chic despite the passage of time.

1. Haircut styles

Short haircuts are preferred to appear younger. Indeed, gradients, tapers, or even structured cuts allow you to highlight certain facial features.

2. Go all out on color

Dark hair tends to harden the features. This is why as you get older, it is better to opt for lighter colors. Be careful though, it’s better not to go from raven brown to platinum bond. It is advisable to oscillate between 2 or even 3 shades around the natural color. Likewise, make sure, if you do highlights or highlights, to stay in harmony with the color of your eyes and your skin.

3. Highlights for more sobriety

If you don’t want extreme changes, highlights are a great compromise. They will aim to revitalize your style and illuminate your face.

4. Play lengths

Short hair denotes the active side of a woman. In addition, these cuts are easy to live with and maintain. Be careful, however, if you have an oval face, avoid shortcuts, as they accentuate the shape. The long or short square remains the best option.

5. Volume rather than flatness

Straight hair may look flawless, but it stretches your features. The more sets of volumes there are, the more your features will be softened. Be careful, the goal is not to have a lioness’ mane either. This is a natural volume, accentuated by sets of locks of different lengths, obtained by a gradient and a good blow-drying. To hold your hairstyle in place, there’s nothing like a good hairspray.

6. Make bangs

The bangs are an asset to gain a few years. It hides a part of the face (the forehead), which is often the first to be marked by the influence of time. Plus, it will make your eyes pop. The ideal is to opt for relatively thick bangs, with uneven and worked lengths.

7. Position the part well

Forget the middle part. It gives a very severe look and brings out your wrinkles. On the contrary, prefer the “fuzzy” side by putting your hair back. The side parting is also preferred if you have enough volume. Otherwise, you can draw a zig-zag line.

8. Daily styling

Avoid flattening your hair on your scalp, this will not work in your favor and will make you look more austere. Of course, in the case of a ponytail, this seems essential. But don’t forget to leave a few strands free on either side of your face. If you like to wear your hair down, the “combed/disheveled” messy effect will be your best friend. Asymmetrical cuts lend themselves very well!

9. For evening hairstyles

For your evenings, avoid frizz and frizzy hair. Likewise, retro or too-strict buns will give you a more severe look. Instead, opt for a natural hairstyle with a few accessories or a few ideas like braids or vanillas.

10. Additional tips

– To keep hair healthy and non-frizzy, avoid styling products (hairspray, gel, etc.).

– The accessories used must be of good quality, especially if you insert them into an evening hairstyle. Indeed, it would harm your image if they break or appear to be in bad taste.

– To curl your hair, do not use a curling iron. They damage the hair. On the other hand, you can always opt for classic accessories like curlers. Bigger ones are better.

– Please note, that these tips only apply to healthy hair. To make your hair more beautiful and less dry or split ends, there are excellent products. You can also seek the advice of your usual hairdresser.


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