10 Basic Care for Dyed Hair


They say that a change doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Well, changing our look for many women mainly involves getting a new haircut from time to time, and, on some occasions, changing hair color for one that makes us look different is common. And not to mention when we want to hide gray hair. Generally, it also warrants changing the color of our hair. This process is aggressive and over time affects the appearance, making it look dull.

After you have decided to dye your hair, do you know how to keep its color alive?

Whatever our hair is; long, short, dyed, natural, etc., you know you have to take care of it. Dyed hair is one of those that suffer the most due to the aggression of dyes. By dyeing our hair we weaken it, increasing its sensitivity and the intensity of day-to-day aggressions. If using iron every day is already quite damaging for healthy hair that has never been bleached when we do it on dyed hair, the aggression multiplies exponentially. Additionally, chlorine or overuse of styling products can cause your dyed hair to break down faster.

As you will see, deciding to dye your hair not only means that you will have a new (and fabulous) look, but you will also have to be more careful with it so that it is not damaged, looks healthy, and retains its color for longer.

You must surely wonder how several celebrities change their hair color almost every week. Simple, nothing like good daily care to protect your hair. Masks, sunscreens, serums, etc. The reality is that hair that is exposed at least once to dye and chemicals requires special attention, so today I want to give you some tips so you can discover how to care for dyed hair simply and practically, thus guaranteeing all its beauty. 

1. Use a special shampoo

If you dye your hair, it will tend to be drier, so you must always nourish and care for it with specific products for dyed hair. The shampoo you used when you didn’t dye your hair won’t be as useful now that you’ve dyed it, especially if you’ve bleached it.

It is best that you look for a shampoo for dyes since this will provide greater hydration to your hair, and give it more shine the best thing is that it will work to keep its color intact so that the dye color lasts much longer. Special shampoos for colored hair help provide that extra hydration.

2. Use color baths

There are several products on the market to use three weeks after applying the dye to give strength to your hair color. They are like color baths but you can perfectly apply them at home, buying the products at your favorite beauty salon, or beauty supplement sales.

3. Use deep conditioners

The conditioner (if it isn’t already) is going to become one of your best friends and allies. Buy deep conditioning treatments for colored hair, it hydrates your hair and helps you detangle it. These products work as temporary dyes, they help your hair to dye without damaging it since they do not contain chemicals.

Apply it after you have washed your hair, let it sit on wet hair for at least 5 minutes, and rinse your hair.

4. Don’t forget to apply hair masks

If you don’t want to have frizzy, very dry hair, then you should apply a natural mask every two weeks and you won’t notice that your hair is drying out. It is recommended that this mask be with natural products, since this way you do not saturate your hair with chemicals.

The same day you apply the dye, it is very important that you subsequently apply a moisturizing mask. Remember that the hair suffers and dries out with the dye, no matter how natural it may be, and this mask will provide it with the necessary nutrients.

Get used to including a protective and hydrating mask in your beauty routine that covers from roots to ends. Make sure it contains keratin amino acids, as they help rebuild the disulfide bridges found in the cortex of the hair strand that is weakened by bleaching. There are masks with different properties and ingredients, but as always, look for one that hydrates your hair.

Let it act as long as necessary, there are no limitations. Take advantage of the time to do other things like read, organize your closet, or go out to do some sports. Apply a hair mask a couple of times a week. If you go to the beach, don’t forget to also apply it to protect your hair from the sun’s rays!

5. Wash your hair less frequently

Washing our hair daily causes it to weaken and fall out more frequently, and also takes away shine and movement, thus increasing frizz. In the case of dyed hair, to preserve the color for longer, beauty experts advise washing it with warm water, since hot water makes the hair fade faster. The idea is to do it every other day.

Don’t forget to always wash your hair with products suitable for dyed hair, these not only help you maintain the color but also hydrate your hair and improve its appearance. This is an aspect that should not be overlooked when it comes to caring for dyed hair.

6. Protect it from the sun

If you live in a place where there is intense sun all year round or visit the beach frequently, do not forget to purchase a hair product with sun protection, this will prevent the color from changing and will also protect your hair.

Colored hair is more vulnerable to the effects of the sun. During the summer, dyed hair becomes drier than usual and both the sun’s rays and chlorine or sea salt affect its shine and color. Ultraviolet rays produce an effect that alters the elastic properties of the hair and the cuticle deteriorates, leaving the hair fiber without any type of protection. In this way, the hair dries out, becomes more fragile and the melanin (responsible for color) is also altered, causing slight discoloration. Try to expose yourself as little as possible and protect yourself.

The use of hats is always recommended, helping you better maintain the color you have chosen. Also, apply your sunscreen to the roots of your hair to protect the scalp from sunburn and also to the mid-lengths and ends. This way you will protect your hair from broken ends and keep its color in the best condition.

7. Use natural dyes

One of the worst enemies of hair is ammonia. Most dyes contain it as it is one of the components that helps lighten hair. Our advice is that you always opt for natural dyes that do not contain it. Henna, for example, has been used for centuries to darken hair.

8. Hair serums

The serum is another of those wonderful inventions that we never tire of praising. You can use it in different ways. For example, you can extend it from the middle of your hair to the ends and leave it on for as long as you think necessary and then rinse it; This way it will work as a hydrating bath. You can also use it after washing your hair and apply it to damp hair, letting your hair absorb it completely.

9. Do not abuse the dryer and iron

The heat from these devices dehydrates, thins the hair, and causes color loss. Reserve its use for special occasions and instead let the color and your natural style stand out on their own.

High temperatures are never a good idea for hair, with or without coloring. Although the hairstyles created with these instruments look beautiful, it is better to avoid these types of tools as they greatly damage our hair since they dry it out too much and encourage the appearance of split ends. Use heat protectors or try not to abuse them.

10. Dye it without washing

Some dermatologists advise not washing your hair at least a day before applying the dye, since the natural oil of the head works as an insulating barrier that protects the hair fibers and scalp from damage.

When you have dyed hair you must be very careful with its treatment, but now that you know how to care for dyed hair, I invite you to put these tips into practice and enjoy your dyed hair for longer.

Remember that it is important to take into account the regularity with which you dye your hair. It is recommended to do it every half month or 2 months, this way you will avoid damaging it excessively, otherwise you will be exposing your hair to too many chemicals, which could cause it to deteriorate and be damaged unnecessarily. Taking this recommendation into account will be key to maintaining your health.

Although sometimes it can be complicated, especially if you dye from the roots, that is why you must use the most natural products possible.

Remember that dyed hair is more sensitive, which is why it requires more care. Take care of it by following these tips and best practices to offer your hair the best care and make it always look healthy and beautiful.


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