How To Put On A Hair Band In 2023


In 2023 more than ever you should accessorize your outfit with hair accessories. The hair band, also called a headband, has the advantage of being simple to put on but also of being able to be worn whatever your outfit or hairstyle (or almost).

1. The headband, a hair accessory that is not new

First, let’s take a little history lesson on the emergence of this hair accessory in wardrobes.

In antiquity: The headband has been worn since antiquity, although it is true, that it has evolved a lot since then. So from ancient Greece in 475 BC it was used and was composed, not of fabric, but of intertwined plants.

In the 1920s: Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret shaped the modern fabric headband and popularized it. Its shape is that of a turban.

In the 1930s: It became more practical and closer to the current form that we know in the form of a real “headband”

During the Second World War: The headband translates to a red scarf put on the head by women to protect their hair from industrial machines.

In the 1980s: The headband no longer translated so much as a fashion accessory but rather as a sports accessory

Since the 2000s: Many stars have brought back into fashion the headband that we know today as an essential fashion accessory.

2. How to choose the right headband

As you can see, this accessory has a long heritage. Before “wearing” your headband, you must already choose it carefully. To do this, several aspects can be taken into account: its color, its size, its material, its style.

2.1. Choose your hair band according to the season

2.1.1. Choosing the color:

Each person has their favorite colors, however, a few small rules can help you avoid missteps. To choose the color, the first element to take into account is the season with a very simple rule: cold season (winter – autumn) = cold color, and warm season (spring-summer) = warm color.

2.1.2. Choosing the material:

Many materials exist for headbands: wool, leather, cotton, synthetic fabric, lace… The season will greatly influence the material used with once again this simple rule: cold season = thick warm material and hot season = material light
This will allow you not to be too hot in case of high heat, or on the contrary it will allow you to be a little warmer in case of low temperature. And admit it, would it be very strange if your best friend showed up in the shade at 40°C with a knitted headband?

2.2. Choose your hair band according to your body shape and hairstyle

Another rule to avoid missteps. Small head or short hair = thin, wide headband Head or long hair = thin or wide headband

Of course, these few rules may not be respected, without causing a style catastrophe. Let’s say that by respecting them you minimize the risks.

3. How to properly put on your hairband

Now that you know how to choose your headband, a little inspiration on how to wear it in your hair won’t hurt.

3.1. The most classic way to wear the headband if you have long hair

The front of the headband is placed on the hair while the back is placed under the loose hair. This method is particularly suitable for lightweight headbands for the beautiful seasons. For a wider headband, it can partially or completely cover the ears.

3.2. The headband placed over the hair

Also very easy to wear with loose hair. This method is suitable for wide headbands and especially winter headbands.

3.3.The headband is worn with a bun, a ponytail

With a high bun (or a high ponytail for example) you can have the back of the headband on or under the hair. For a lower bun, place the back of the headband under the hair so as not to cover the bun with the fabric.

In the following photo, we notice that the headband is wide and completely covers the ears, which works very well visually.

3.4. If you want to avoid the Hippie effect with your headband

As you can see from our example photos, the front of the headband can be positioned more or less low on the front. To avoid the “Hippie” effect, avoid positioning a thin headband too low on the forehead. However, with a wide headband, there will be no risk.

Of course, the “Hippie” effect can be sought after and assumed. The effect could also be very aesthetic (see the main photo of the article).

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the hair band for women, if well chosen and above all well worn, can truly become your everyday ally. So have fun! Try combining materials and colors with your outfit and have fun varying your hairstyle with pretty buns, braids, and ponytails.


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