Brown Coloring – Which Shade To Choose


It’s a trend that emerges once fall is well established: many women are falling for brown coloring. The Californian blonde of summer is abandoned for more intense hair. Mahogany, hazelnut, light brown… The palette of brown colors is wide and therefore makes it possible to enhance women of all skin tones. DESSANGE guides you in choosing your brown coloring.

1. What shade of brown to choose?

To choose your brown color tastefully, ask your DESSANGE expert for advice. Indeed, not all browns are equal, and ashy highlights will not enhance dark skin and light skin in the same way. So choose the brown color that matches your skin tone.

2. What shade of brown according to my skin tone?

While certain brown colors can easily highlight all skin tones, such as chocolate brown or golden brown, this is not the case for the entire palette. Indeed, depending on the undertones of your skin, your DESSANGE colorist expert will guide you toward the appropriate coloring. In general, remember that it is best to match the undertones of your skin to the undertones of your coloring.

3. For white skin

To be highlighted, the lightest skin, with cold and pink undertones, will have to turn to brown colors which offer them a certain harmony.

Glazed brown is, for example, a very luminous brown color that offers very pretty iridescent reflections. Very often accompanied by a cold purple reflection, the icy brown coloring is very brilliant.

Ashy colors have been on the rise in recent seasons. Ash brown is accompanied by cold highlights that lean towards silver to offer this ashy effect.

Dark brown, when done on very light skin tones, offers a look that is a little dramatic, but very sexy… A true femme fatale look .

4. For dark skin

Dark skin types need to be very vigilant. Incorrect coloring could greatly darken their complexion. If you have a golden complexion, choose brown colors with warm undertones. Stay as far away as possible from cool undertones and too-dark browns.

Caramel brown is a luminous brown that contains warm highlights reminiscent of the gourmet nuances of caramel.

Mahogany brown coloring is a very good alternative to red. It mixes warm, red, and brown shades and offers flamboyant coloring with orange-red highlights. To bring this type of reflection without going through total coloring, you can turn to the balayage technique.

5. For mature skin

After the age of 40, it is advisable to avoid wearing too intense colored hair which will tend to harden your features and bring out the small spots that have appeared over time. Prefer a relatively soft brown with chestnut undertones chosen according to your skin tone.

6. Brown balayage

Highlights and balayage are popular coloring techniques for the highlights they offer. This is why they tend to be recommended for very uniform brown or brown hair to give it a little luminosity. If you want to add a little depth to your hair, you can for example opt for honey highlights.

Balayage offers a real boost to hair lacking volume. Creating a dark brown balayage on your brown hair color will allow you to accentuate its volume. Choosing a highlight lighter than your base color will give an impression of shine and brighten your complexion. Caramel balayage, always so popular at this time of year, perfectly imitates the reflections of the sun on your hair and warms up your complexion.

7. How to go brown?

The advantage of brown is that in the majority of cases it does not require bleaching. The hair is therefore less weakened. Whether you are naturally blonde, redhead, or brown, brown coloring completely covers your hair. If you are a brunette, you can opt for balayage to add warmer or cooler highlights or apply a gloss to give your hair a boost of shine.

In any case, don’t tackle these changes alone. Make an appointment at the DESSANGE hair salon nearest to you and let our expert hands take care of your hair.

8. How do I maintain my brown color?

There is no secret! For brilliant coloring that lasts after every wash, we don’t forget about hydration and nutrition. Start by putting together a hair routine made up of products for colored hair. This type of product will allow you to revive your color and prevent it from fading.

Once a week, bring out the heavy artillery: mask, deep treatment, serum… Make sure that your hair lacks nothing so that its fiber maintains the pigments of your brown coloring for as long as possible and that it remains soft despite the aggression of the coloring process.

The frequency of touch-ups needed will depend on your natural color. Indeed, if you have gone from a light blonde to a chocolate brown, your roots may quickly become visible. In this case, it is recommended to go to the hairdresser every 3 to 4 weeks maximum to avoid a very unsightly regrowth effect.


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